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  • Laura Askew

    Very professional & polite, they know what they are doing. Thanks a million, I would love to refer you to my family and friends.

  • We highly recommend Protech PCS to anybody!

    We called ProTech PCS, and found out about their free onsite diagnostic it took them less than an hour to be in our house and took care of my computer problem in less than twenty five minute and I was back on business, unbelievable price, very professional and polite. They are wonderful…..

    Linda Jasper
  • Excellent Company...

    Service has been completed…..and such a pleasure to do business with you! Your customer service was excellent. Your Tech support team is outstanding! Your website works well, and your communication to customer is excellent, keeping us informed every step of the way! I can’t wait to tell my friends how satisfying it is to do business with you!

    Mike Townsend
  • Thank you very much...

    Your technicians just got my computer up and running, amazing customer service! I also wanted to thank you for arranging for a Saturday delivery. Most companies charge you extra, because it is not normal business hour and it costs the customer extra, but as usual, you folks go the extra mile. I have been buying from BestBuy, eBay and Amazon for a number of years, but the quality of service and products are much better from ProTech PCS. You can rest assured, I will continue to do business and buy from you in the future, as my business grows hopefully and I get more employees, so will the number of computers that I buy from you.

    Richard E
  • Very Professional and polite...

    While I was apprehensive about giving someone access to my computer from an online source, I have to say how pleased I was with your service. Not only did the problem get solved very fast but also your service was quick and professional, with reasonable service charge. I was pleasantly surprised that it was exactly as it was promised and described. I will definitely be using your company again, and recommending you to anyone looking for computer services. After searching locally for months for the perfect computer service provider, I never had to leave my desk to actually find it!

  • Danial Johnson

    I am really impressed with the quality of their services. Always on-time and reasonable price.

  • Words cannot express how thankful I am to you for fixing my computer

    As you know, I was very upset when I logged onto my Computer and I had only three icons on my desktop.  All of the icons and programs, including every picture and every document were lost, so I thought.  That is when I contacted you.  Through your expertise and professionalism, you repaired my Computer good as new!  You saved all of my documents, pictures and programs.  You did a fantastic job keeping me informed and returned my PC to me very quickly.

    I will definitely refer you to my family and friends.

    Eunice Martin
  • You guys are genius…

    Thanks so much for the prompt service. I called couple computer companies and was told that it would take them a week minimum to fix my computer and finally called a friend and she recommended me ProTech PCS and ...Wow! They took care of my computer the same day. The price was terrific, the service was excellent and my computer works great.

    Don Carpenter
  • Exceptional customer service!

    Dear Sir or Madame:

    We are writing to express our gratitude for the exceptional customer service provided by David. His expertise and commitment to providing outstanding service was quite notable and appreciated.

    Regrettably, our computer had suddenly crashed the day before, leading to the purchase of a new computer with a completely different operating system.  As we are not very computer literate, we called your company to have our old data transferred to the new computer.  Luckily, David was able to come that afternoon and facilitate the transfer of our files. 

    From the time David arrived he was a pleasure to deal with.  At all times, David was tremendously professional, knowledgeable, courteous and friendly.  We were very impressed with the amount of care and attention David took.  He made sure that we not only acquired all the vital data stored on our old computer, but also took the time to explain how to use our new computer.   

    You are very lucky to have, someone like, David representing your company, he is a true asset.  If the need ever arises, again, your company will be the first one we call.



    Bob and Natalie Montminy
  • Heartfelt Appreciation

    It is with sincere and heartfelt appreciation that we write the following comments to commend and congratulate David for his superior excellence in computer technical support and customer service!!!  David has come to our rescue over the last year on a number of occasions and has brilliantly and efficiently solved our computer's operating dilemmas; upgraded our system; purchased and installed the perfect printer for our home office needs and has calmed our tentative nerves on more than one occasion on several weekends.  David is extremely knowledgeable on the technical diagnostics and has always been a real problem solver.  David is a true gem and we are exceptionally satisfied with his work!!!  We are profoundly appreciative to be one of David's clients and we Thank You for making our computer experience so wonderful.  David has excellent communication skills and is truly one of the nicest people and is always very responsive.  We always look forward to working with David!!!

    Bobbi and Larry Jenkins
  • Fantastic Work...

    Thank you for bringing my computer today. Fantastic!!!!!I have never experienced such service in all my years and they are many! Works perfect, no popup and no virus and very fast. Cannot thank you enough. I don't know whether you own the Company, if not, you deserve a raise and I don't mean a job on the roof!!!

  • It was a pleasure doing business with ProTech PCS....

    Recently I had an occasion to call Protech PCS for computer assistance when my laptop froze up on me and no matter what I did nothing seemed to work. I had never used an outside firm before and just chose Protech from the phone book, however I was very lucky and got a young man David. I explained my problem to David and he seemed to know what the issue was with Internet Explorer 9. David indicated he could come to my home or if I was comfortable he could take control of my machine remotely. Since I was accustom to my company help desk debugging problems remotely I had no problem with that. David took control of my machine discovered the problem which was not only Explorer 9 but a virus. Not only did he fix the problem he made other recommendations and changes to help my laptop run more efficiently. David did an excellent job with my computer and is extremely polite, pleasant and knowledgeable. I would recommend David to anyone who is in need to computer support..

    Linda Martin
  • Sharon Mason

    10/10…. They are real experts for all my computer needs.

  • I am VERY pleased with your service...

    Thanks for the great offers!! I have been VERY pleased with both times I had maintenance done on my computer with you. My computer is working fabulously! I have forwarded your site to many customers and my friends in my area.

  • Wow you guys are amazing...

    Hello, I could hardly believe it when I heard from multiple computer companies that they couldn’t get my computer fixed. I called ProTech PCS they were confident enough to take their chances and for sure they fixed it for me. Thank you for running a business of excellence. You guys are my heroes’ I will let all my friends know about you. Well done!!!!!!!!!