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Every product we provide or install, every service we deliver and solution we create -- all our work is warrantied -- so you can breathe easy.

Tech Support and Custom PCs

Operating System Installation

We’ll set your new system up to be as fast-running and powerful as possible. And if you need to reinstall your system but don’t have the original product keys, we can still get you up and running.

Computer Tune-up

Does your computer have all the top specs but still run slow? Let us give it an overhaul and get it back up to speed. You don’t even need to leave the house -- we’ll come to you or access your computer remotely.

Printer Setup

The more advanced and sophisticated our printers get, the more complicated and time-consuming it is to install them. That’s why we offer onsite setup and configuration for your printers and other peripherals. No more frustration, just your tech -- running like it should.

E-Mail Setup & Troubleshooting

If email is supposed to be so quick and easy, why do so many people have trouble with it? We can’t answer that, but we can help you whip your email program into shape and keep it running right on any device.

Wired & Wireless Network or Wi-Fi Setup

Wireless networks are quickly becoming a must for any business or home. From a complex office space to your living room, we can design, install and support your wired and wireless network.

Cable management

Are all those wires at the back of your computer trying to knit themselves into a blanket? There is a better way. Give us a few minutes with that knotted tangle and say hello to a clean, organized computer space!

Laptop Repair

You don’t have to tell us who spilled the soda on it, what cracked the screen or just how the power jack got quite so mangled -- just give us your broken Macbook, netbook or PC laptop and we’ll take care of the rest.

Apple Computer Repair

Just like PCs, Apple products can cause you some major headaches. Consider us your aspirin. We offer a wide range of Apple computer repair and troubleshooting. Call us to find out more.

IPad, IPod Touch & IPhone Repair

A broken screen doesn’t mean your iGadget’s life is over. Whether it’s a critical repair you need, or just help getting your favorite music onto your iPod, we can help.